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Electro Mobility and the Energy Vector Hydrogen

A comprehensive synergy initiative, to enable the European Mobility on Renewable Energy

Via Azul Roadmap

The innovative approach of the comprehensive synergy initiative Via Azul Europe 10: 'Move electrical energy to the POS - NOT fuels!', shall be implemented on an European Highway Network:

  1. 10 initial trans-continental highways, to be implemented already by 2025
  2. Required main extensions of the local network, to be implemented by 2030

Roadmap items

  1. Via Azul Feasibility Study (Roadmap shall be revised there), incl. compatible proposals for EU pilot regions
  2. Engage European Via Azul stakeholders
  3. Establish EU Via Azul Consortium, to be founded at International Via Azul Kickoff in Málaga 2012-02
  4. Implement Via Azul Smart Grid (on 10 Via Azul initial highways), incl. required renewable resources
  5. Implement/complete potential Via Azul pilot regions (to be reviewed during feasibility study with potential local stakeholders ), according to optimized Via Azul supply and value chain concept - for proof of concept and as initial Via Azul rollout steps
  6. Perform European rollout Via Azul (implementation of the 10 initial Highways, incl. local energy storage/fuelling infrastructure and corresponding local e/FC vehicle fleets)
  7. Implement local extension networks (Urban areas, highways/main streets and other transportation: Railways, sea and river ports, etc.)