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Electro Mobility and the Energy Vector Hydrogen

A comprehensive synergy initiative, to enable the European Mobility on Renewable Energy

Via Azul supply chain

European energy supply chain

A number of sufficient CSPs, implemented in southern EU regions with similar conditions as Andalucia (i.e. Southern Italy, Greece, Portugal, France etc.), and (Offshore) Wind Farms, specially in northern Europe, could almost provide the required sustainable energy capacity for a separate Highway Smart Grid (similar to separate Smart Grids for fast trains: ICE, TGV, AVE, Metropolitans etc.). There still remains the challenge of the supply/demand balancing, to be solved by the Smart Grid connecting the energy resources with local storage points, as described above.

Other locally available renewable energy resources (i.e. Hydro power plants) can be connected to the Smart Grid, to complement and stabilize the required energy provisioning.

The Smart Grid would connected at transformer stations with the European High Voltage Super Grid to buy required (until sufficient resources available) amounts of sustainable power mix or sell existing over capacity of its sustainable energy. This empowers the Via Azul Smart Grid operators to control the accomplishment of it's 100% renewable energy target for a European low-carbon Mobility.

The substantially growing amount of the required energy will initially be provided to a network of Fuelling Stations on the 10 Via Azul Highways. This network can be extended for energy provisioning to local extension networks, according to national/regional initiatives..!